Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I saw this post from my love Pinky over at P!nkpers!stence and thought I'd join in and fill it out according to what's going on currently around these parts:

Reading - Just ordered two books for upcoming vacays: A Thorn Among the Lillies & My Sunshine Away so I'll report back once I actually read them. I did however just renew my subscription to Southern Living & Better Homes & Gardens :)

Anticipating- Our family vacay to the OBX coming up next week which will be Andi's first time there! Ocean here we come!

Buying - anything smocked for miss A! (even fall and winter stuff too) 
Might have just gotten all 3....
Praying - for our poor country at the moment and all the ridiculous nonsense and violence that is happening....

Listening - Thomas Rhett - Crash & Burn on repeat (so fun!) and all 90s country of course on my prime country xm station fav
Watching - Chrisley Knows Best, The Whispers, Astronauts Wives Club, Mistresses and TLC guilty pleasures like Return to Amish & Gypsy Sisters (Also still netflix binging my Gossip Girl)

Devouring Fruit and cold pasta salads! Send your favorite recipes my way ya'll!

Loving - My family so much that it physically hurts sometimes! (& my blogging relationships!)
Hating - that I had to move out of my office and say goodbye to co-workers last week but know that it is the best decision for our family moving forward. (and I know I'll still see them all! HSC will forever hold a place in my heart - I mean my hubby is an alum!)
Wanting - to plan a Charleston trip with my husband like CRAZY! :)

Hoping - To find something to generate an income from home in the future .. have something neat that I need to share with ya'll :)
Feeling - Super thankful for the blogging community! Gah I love ya'll!
Wishing - everyone a fabulous rest of the week!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday 5

Hey ya'll and cheers to the weekend! This week flew by and that's ok with me since its a holiday weekend as well! Hope everyone has some much needed time off or a vacay planned - I'm linking up today with April with A. Liz Adventures, Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre and Karli with September Farm. for Friday 5 and Friday Favorites
Tablescape via Dixie Delights
T-Shirt via Going the Distance
Pink Console via B Loved Boston
And sweet Snap Chats of Miss Andi can be found by following me on Snap Chat via Jessicamc313

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Diaper Bag 101

What do you realllly need in that diaper bag? I'm sure, like me, you mamas-to-be have read or searched for countless posts/pins about what to put in that diaper bag. I printed out like 3 before leaving for the hospital so that when I got back I would be prepared. While preparing is good and all - you really only need a few essential things. (well, the following are things we get by with!) However, I use my diaper bag as my purse too so of course I have a few other items like make-up, etc. stashed in there!

My actual diaper bag - large but in charge! (Kate Spade diaper bags are
fantastic - tons of space and TONS of pockets and stylish too! You can't go wrong!)

 1. Diapers -duh!

2. Burp cloths - I say stash at least two!

3. Wipes in a cute case of course

4. Sofie toy when they're old enough

5. We use A&D ointment

6. Soothie paci

7. Breastfeeding cover if you like those

8. Medela breast pads

9. A blanket doesn't hurt - especially if you don't have your changing pad

10. Changing pad

11. Mini First Aid kit

12. Snacks!

I think I may have a coozie or two, some pens, hair ties, baby lotion and hand sanitizer too. Another honorable mention would be to put a ziploc bag or two in some pocket for when there is no trashcan around for dirty diapers. Also, with the heat and sun being insane lately - sunscreen! We are solely breastfeeding so of course a bottle would be a good idea if that's not the case for you but I promise that just about sums it up! I hope this helps!

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Monday, June 29, 2015


Another week has started - happy Monday ya'll! This weekend just flew by! Friday I did the dreaded "clean out your office" thing which was so awful but of course exciting at the same time. I'm not the best with change so it was sad taking everything down (I'm definitely more of a creature of habit) HR showered with me gifts (sort of funny since I quit...haha love them) and Andi got to see everyone from my boss to the post office staff and bookstore ladies. Afterwards we relaxed at home until Seth got home from work and went to bed early.

Saturday we got up, got ready and headed to my in-laws to drop off miss A. One of my besties from high school (and neighbor!) were about to tie the knot! Her entire wedding was outside and there were nothing but severe thunderstorms and flooding headed our way. I mean it poured basically ALL day! I prayed and prayed for them and would you believe that the clouds broke and actual SUN shined through just long enough for her to walk down the aisle?! We didn't have to move to the tent! Overall it was absolutely beautiful and seeing all of my friends from high school twice in one month was just an added bonus! (minor headache the next morning from a little too much white wine and dancing) Sunday I had a friend stop by and hung out with my parents once Seth got called to work. The weather ended up being gorgeous and hanging with Andi was just what I needed! Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend as well!

Linking up today with B from B Loved Boston for another weekend recap!

haha not glamorous but oh so typical

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Once again I've lost all track of time and been too wrapped around little Miss A's finger to blog lately so I figured I'd photo dump and update! Things around here have been super busy and super HOT. It's safe to say I'm already ready for Fall and cooler temps...no joke. We've been working on the yard still and hubs is just about finished painting the porch white so we can start on the blue floor! It is really shaping up to be my Southern dream porch!

Also, on a heavier note, I went ahead and pulled the trigger at work. I officially put in my notice last Friday and it is still surreal to think about. Everyone was so understanding and told me they all knew it was coming. I have been so fortunate to have the encouragement and support from my job, family, friends, blogging community and most of all, my husband during this decision making process. I will definitely miss my job and the institution as a whole but this was the best decision for our family at this time. The bond I have with my daughter is incredible and I basically just want to soak it up and not miss a thing. Thank you all so much for your input and words of encouragement! You have no idea how much I appreciate it and love turning to the blogging community for advice. With that said- Mama's: send me your SAHM schedules and activities for littles! How was the transition?

Father's day was fantastic! Andi visited both sides of the family and is finally able to rock hr 3 month size clothing so dressing her up with more options is so much fun! Thanks to Jenn from Going the Distance, she looked so fabulous in her necklace onesie! She is almost rolling over ya'll and definitely finding her voice with new sounds every day! Holding that head up, looking around and standing on her legs are the norm too. Smiles and laughs are becoming the absolute best things in the world and ceiling fans are still hysterically funny to her. Also, she has this new routine of going down by 11pm and not waking up until 6:00am or after, eating and then going back down until about 10am! (yes, be jealous haha) I love this little girl so much.

Another awesome thing about this week? It's Miss Virginia week and a new Miss Virginia will be crowned this Saturday night! As you all know, Andi will be Miss Virginia 2037 so we have to start early.... :) :) I hope everyone has a fabulous humpday and rest of the week!

Taking a bottle from Grandpa

Uncle Dallas teasing her with Aunt Betty's good cookin'

Watching cartoons with cousin Corbin
Hubby working on my dream porch!

Happy Father's Day!

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