Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Favorite Things Linkup - Stocking Stuffers

Time for installment number 2 of the Favorite Things Linkup series and today's focus: Stocking Stuffers. This category is so fun bc really your only constraint is size! Here are a few of my basic favorites and also some fun stuff for the men folk in your life. 

Linking up with the lovely Elise, Katie, Zelle & April 

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekending: House Updates

You know, today (being Monday that is) isn't so bad because tomorrow is my Fiday! Woot woot! Hooray for good holiday breaks when you work in higher education. I hope everyone had a great weekend- I decorated (totally not done), took some home update pics and spent some time with the rents. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and time off!

We have officially completed the nursery reno/repair and I must say it is one of my favorite rooms. Although it probably won't get much use at first since it is on the second floor, it will still be decorated and completed for Baby O's arrival in May. All that is left now is the actual paint color for the walls and of course furniture, etc. but my FIL has finished the priming, prep, trim work, mantle and sheet rocking. Also pictured are some preview guest room and guest bath pictures and some furniture I scored from my aunt that I need to recover and clean up for the 2nd floor sitting area! We are doing a railroad theme in the guest room and still have some maps and old stocks and bonds from the railroad to frame but it is a functioning guest room now and I had to share! 

Saturday I spent the day shopping and hanging out with my sister and niece and then Sunday was all about breaking out the Christmas tunes and decorating the home for the first time! I'm not done but got a big portion out of the way. I know, I know it's before Thanksgiving and I NEVER do this but I couldn't stop myself this year for some reason! (New home + pregnancy maybe? haha)

Linking up today with the lovely Biana from B Loved Boston


guest room #1

guest bath #1

Guest room #2 paint preview - the blue is turning white

me and the sis!

Selfie queens


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday 5

Happy Friday! So pumped for next week's short week and that means we are that much closer to Thanksgiving ya'll! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and as for me?.... I'm DOING IT...as in....decorating for Christmas full force at the Otey household and I don't care at all that I am early this year- whew so excited!

Linking up today with the usual gang of pretty ladies: Christina, April, Darci, Natasha , Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre and Karli with September Farm - join in!

Need a cute idea for Thanksgiving dinner this year? (especially if you're hosting or have littles) Over at Dixie Delights, Amanda shared some fabulous Turkey Talk conversation starter cards to circulate at the table to learn more about the people you think you know best: FAMILY! These cards are downloadable in her Etsy shop and I just love them!

Ya'll know I adore J. Simp with all of my heart and this week she steals the award for my favorite look of the week! She was stunning at the Mockingjay Part 1 premiere! Gah- get it girl!

Speaking of Jess, all of these are being brought out just in time for the holiday season. Can we say it may be time for me to re-watch Newlyweds again? (I know I know, I'll never let go....ever)

My friend Radford sent me this earlier in the week and it is exactly what I need to jump start the bar cart styling in our dining room! (see it larger here)

Need a quick, easy and super good (maybe healthy?) recipe? I've added this one to my Thanksgiving menu next week and I can't wait! I'm modifying a little with my aunt but this is along the lines of what goes in it. Fresh Broccoli Salad

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

16 Week Bumpdate

 How far along? 16 Weeks & 5 days

Size of Baby: Avocado! 4.6 inches and 3.5 oz

Total weight gain/loss: up 2 pounds from last month's appointment (weight taken at Monday's checkup) We'll know on the 15th of Dec. how much total

Symptoms: Pretty awesome so far! I like it!

Maternity clothes? Looking for cute (longer) maternity tops- mine are just too short!

Stretch marks? No... still using the Q10 stretch mark cream from Palmers and every lotion imaginable. Not too itchy yet either!

Sleep: Sleeping great and heading to bed way earlier than usual. I was in bed by 8:30 last night ya'll! Still waking up to pee every night 5 times or more so getting an early start helps haha- I know I've mentioned it before but the new flannel sheets are seriously wonderful- I NEVER want to get out of bed!

Best moment this week: 24 days until hubs is home and 26 days until we know if baby O is a he or a she! Starting to focus more on potential movement!

Miss Anything? mmm lunch meat this time- does anyone eat it? I hear such awful things and please whatever you do don't google it- google = worry

Movement: Nothing prominent yet! When I lay down at night though there are some interesting things going on ever so lightly so I try to feel for them!

Food cravings: All my usuals like fruit, etc. but now fruit roll ups (yes like kid style)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, thank goodness

Have you started to show yet: ummm yes- no denying I am preggers! 

Gender prediction: Looks like girl is in the lead on the blog poll- don't forget to vote on the right hand side! Cannot wait to find out! (Dec. 15th) I had 2 dreams it was a boy.... I wonder if that means anything

Nursery: OH MY GOSH - my father-in-law has FINISHED the nursery. All that is left to be done is the paint color once we determine the gender! Pics to follow! We're thinking navy blue or pale lilly pink!

Rushing to get a walk in with Emma and bundling up like we live in Alaska- WOW it is c-o-l-d! Only got two in this week so far. Still doing squat routine and weight training on arms.

Labor Signs: No way jose

Belly Button in or out? In and stretching..

Wedding rings on or off? On but feel bigger- I think that happens in winter though

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but getting frustrated easily and exhausted... I'm entitled to some mood swings!

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving and a short week next week-Feeling more movement in the next couple of weeks & getting closer to having the hubs back home!

                week 12                            week 13                           week 14                     week 15

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Favorite Things Link-up: My List!

I cannot believe it is time again already for another edition of 'These are a few of my Favorite Things' Holiday Linkup Party! The 2nd annual ya'll! This was so successful and so helpful last year it wasn't even funny- so let's jump right in. First up on the list this season is all about YOU. Your wishlist (you know, so family and friends can reference right? Right.) It was somewhat hard coming up with one this go round (as funny as that sounds) since all my thoughts and wants are centered around Baby O. We will know the gender right in time for Christmas so clearly the shopping will be revolving around him or her! BUT I did manage to put a few things together....just a couple! Can't wait to see what everyone else has on their lists!

Linking up with the lovely Elise, Katie, Zelle & April 

Baby items (duh) That bassinet is on the registry for our master bedroom bay-window nook since the nursery is upstairs

Anything monogrammed- loving these Mark & Graham copper trays

I'm a sucker for jackets and just came across this versatile ladies quilted  riding jacket from LL Bean

I need a new gold every-day watch and what is better than the go-to Michael Kors Runway one?

Ok, I am LOVING the Elsa Paretti collection initial jewelry from Tiffanys - buuuut to avoid the price I found some cute lookalikes here!

Want to join in?
Here are the next topics for the Favorite Things Holiday Linkup Party:

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