Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blue & White Style

It's no question that I love all things blue & white in my home, so today I thought I would link up with Morgan at Pampers And Pearls and also Ann with Ann Elliott Blog and share some 'all things blue & white fashion' for today's Midweek Muse. (I'm not featuring an outfit on me because my closet is still packed up but soon folks...soon..haha)

Happy Hump-day ya'll!

 1. Found on Insta
 2. Kate Spade polka dot Sneakers
 3. Blue & white cardigan
 4. Blue and White Bikini from Anthropologie
 5. Off shoulder top
 5. Essie polish in Bikini so Teeny

Bourbon & Bowties
Sole Society


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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hosting 101

 So I don't know about ya'll but I adore books. Cook books, magazines, coffee table books, reading books (haha reading books -like not all books are for reading?) Anyway, I always wanted to be like Belle from Beauty & the Beast and have a GIANT Library in my home someday. I mean, I even saved all of my textbooks and reading materials from college instead of selling them back so I could grow my book collection. Well the newest addition to the list is this cute little gem I found at an adorable place in Durham, NC (Parker & Otis to be exact) called: 'What's a Hostess to Do?' by Susan Spungen. Ya'll, this is the most handy little reference book for all things entertaining! Great illustrations and tutorials! It wasn't expensive and the pretty metallic gold makes it great to set out on display. You can get it here on Amazon for about $13.00.

Linking up with these lovely ladies for Tuesday Tea!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well we're back to Monday already folks and that means another weekend bites the dust. Hopefully everyone had a great Easter with family or friends! This weekend, in between spending time with family, we were still able to get some stuff done on the house! (Duh- like hubby would have it any other way) On Thursday, our counter tops got set to a template and drawn out and on Friday we went in to pick out the slab and where it was to be cut in relation to the template. While there we also picked out a slab of black granite with white swirls for the master closet island- completely opposite of the white waves counter tops for the kitchen! They are being delivered Thursday and I seriously cannot wait! Also, appliances were delivered on's becoming a real kitchen ya'll! The floors still need a couple coats of sealant but we are pushing that out a couple weeks so that we can paint, move things around, etc. Anyway, without further ado- the weekend in photos:

Had to position cabinets for template!

Appliances? Check!

Beadboard for kitchen bath cut!

Ready for ceramic tiles in the laundry room!

Conquering the chandelier process

TADA! (again, don't look at the paneling haha)

Hubby picked this out!

Love the shapes on the walls it makes!

Here we had two huge metal blocks that I'm guessing used to be part of a carport. In any case, they were dangerous and begging me to run over them or into them. (haha) We got some awesome neighborhood help taking them out sledgehammer style! haha (brews in hand) Thanks PJ & Adam! Driveway project to come later...

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday 5

Happy Friday and happy weekend folks! 
Linking up with Christina & April for this week's Friday 5

(ps this is my 100 post!)

Finally watched Frozen ya'll! (don't mind the work zone)

Scored this pretty planter for 3 bucks at a local thrift store!

Found these guys! With a little sanding/stain, they'll be perfect!

Look at these beauties!!! These were my Grandma & Grandpa's wicker chairs on their back porch and my Mom & aunt gave them to me! I am over the moon excited about adding them to our front porch when it is completed!

A little spray paint coat and new cushions and they will be good as new!!

And this drop-leaf table was my great grandmothers and grandpa told us she use to knead bread in the kitchen on this!

Stay tuned next week for more antique store finds!!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Ideas

I can't believe this weekend is Easter. I adore this time of year- definitely a Spring/Fall kinda gal and for that reason I wanted to share some cute Easter ideas I've been swooning over. We usually do Easter Sunday with Seth's parents but this year I may have to go down to our house on the bay because the church is doing their Easter sunrise service on the beach this year! (They usually wait to start holding church on the beach until Memorial Day I believe) What are some Easter traditions and/or recipes you love? Any good kid-friendly ones? Have a great Wednesday ya'll!

The Bunny-tini from Dixie Delights (love this! mocktail version too mamas!)

Lilly painted eggs? SO cute to put in display bowl, etc.

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